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What's New:

Respectful Workplace Initiative - We all deserve a respectful workplace. When people at work offend, embarrass or humiliate us, it hurts our dignity and well being. Your MAP program has been providing Respectful Workplace Seminars to various Distribution Centres and Retail outlets throughout the Province. For more information on this initiative please contact us at the MAP office.

For more information contact the MAP office at 1-800-887-8000


These sites contain very useful mental health and addictions, and dependent care information. Though MAP has linked to these sites, we cannot be responsible for their content. Nor can the fact that we have provided this listing serve as an endorsement by MAP of any of these sites. MAP is providing this listing only as a convenience to you.

For Personal Issues:

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques This is a "must see" site. The technique is easy to learn, easy to use and works in over 80% of cases of stress, phobias, anger, resentment, physical pains, migraines etc., etc.
  • CAMH This is the home page for Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and provides links to information on a wide variety of topics.
  • CMHA This is the home page for the Canadian Mental Health Association. This site provides information on mental health issues for all ages.
  • Suicide Information, FAQ’s, warning signs, how to help, crisis resources
  • eMental Health: a resource for a variety of mental health issues
  • Transgender and Allied support

For Alcohol/Substance Use Issues:

For Dependent Care/Parenting Issues: